Export of engineering goods in India increases by 52.4% in June 2021

India's engineering export that stood at $6.27 million in June 2019 and $5.84 million in June 2020 saw an increase to $8.90 million in June 2021. According to the data of the commerce ministry, the rise is almost 48.34 per cent in June 2021 as compared to the same period previous year.

The panels that registered significant export growth during April-June 2021 vs April-June 2019 were copper and products (250.4 per cent); iron and steel (156.6 per cent); Zinc and products (83.7 per cent); aluminium and products (69.9 per cent); tin and products (55.2 per cent), among others.

Among the panels witnessing negative growth during April-June 2021 vs April-June 2019 were boilers, parts, etc, (-37.5 per cent); nickel and products (-53.3 per cent); air condition and refrigerator (-22.1 per cent); motor vehicles/cars (-21.8 per cent); aircrafts and spacecraft parts and products (-29 per cent); ships boats and floating products and parts (-23.2 per cent) and other engineering products relating to railway transport; prime mica and mica products; and office equipment, etc.

The automobile sector registered 1.7 per cent growth in the first quarter of the current year vs the same period of 2019-2020.

Date:- 16/07/2021


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